High Risk Payment Processing

Bad Credit

Firearms Parts & Accessories


Vape Stores

  • No “shut downs” or account Closures
  • Legally built-in 3% purchase surcharging
  • Storefront & online accounts
  • Special veteran & active military discounts
  • Next Day Funding- No reserves or holds

Is your business having trouble finding an affordable payment processing program that is secure, stable, and cost efficient? Barrister Financial Services could be the answer to your prayers. We custom-tailor our High-Risk(HR) programs for every client under these business types:

  • Firearms, parts, and accessory sales and services
  • Storefront, Onlinee,Traveling Gun Show Merchants & gunsmithing
  • Adult products & services
  • Online gaming
  • Online dating
  • Cryptocurrency trading
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Debt collection
  • Telemarketing
  • Travel agencies and booking
  • Vape & e-cigarette products
  • Many more…

There are many high-risk credit card processors on the market. However, BFS has made choosing your provider simple and efficient. Here’s why we are your easy choice to partner with:

Responsive Support: Believe me that you need someone ready to help when anything bad happens to payments on your website or in-app. Make sure that a credit card payment provider gives your high-risk business a guarantee that every issue will be addressed.

Flexibility and Customization: Look for a high-risk processor that lets you implement various payment scenarios that tailor all your business needs, especially when you run a complex business model. We can customize every element of the payment form and also discuss the rates, conditions, and features tailored to your business.

Transparent Pricing: Pricing structure should be clear and simple. We make sure that there are no hidden or extra fees.

Technology: Are you interested in multiple accounts? Do you need APIs so that you have full control over the setup and payment process? Want to minimize downtimes and surprises? We possess the knowledge to handle any situation.

Security: As a high-risk merchant, you need a payment partner that follows strict security rules and provides a set of anti-fraud tools that will keep your business away from the fraudsters. BFS offers a chargeback prevention system and a multilayered approach to security.

Expertise: Do research to find out how long a payment company has been on the market and what’s the background of its leaders. With nearly 20 years experience in this segment, we know how to provide you the perfect program to protect you and your business from high costs and fraud.

Barrister Financial Services would be honored to find the perfect solution for your HR business processing needs. Let us show you how easy taking payment in these industries can truly be.

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