No Cost Processing

Say ‘Good-bye’ to Expensive Card Acceptance Costs! 

The Barrister Cash Discount Program is a way for any merchant to offset their merchant service fees without increasing your sale price. It’s a method of passing on a service fee to all customers while giving a discount to those who pay with cash.

  • 100% legal & available in all 50 states
  • Collect 100% of your processing sales
  • Eliminate monthly processor fees
  • Easy to order, set up and manage
  • Next day funding

How Does it Work?

Keep What You Make

Instead of giving 4-5% of your profits away for the convenience of customers using their cards, they pay a small 3.99% “convenience fee” to use those cards

Cash is King!

Reward your customers with a 3.99% discount for paying with cash!

Good-Bye to Those Fees!

Our software will automatically incorporate the sale & small service fee that is passed on to the card holder. 

No Surprises! 

Custom signage is included to clearly detail the process to your customers at the Point-of-purchase.

Upgraded Terminals

We will furnish a new Terminal that automates the process. All while being 100% PCI & EMV compliant to protect you and your customers’v personal information

Get Started

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